a mix of all my shit.
my taste is messy, but it's all good stuff.
dont question why a ministry song is next to a bob dylan song.

two steps forward,
three steps back.
without warning,
heart attack...

fist to fist, eye to eye
the rulers of the wasteland.

how could the life of such a man
be in the palm of some fools hand?

and when you lose control
you'll reap the harvest you have sown
and as the fear grows,
the bad blood slows and turns to stone

i return to the cemetary
and my bloodlust is stilled
my coffin is open for me
i lay down and rest
nothing will set me free

religion and TV, we're under the thumb
prone to believe 'cause we're already numb

this is one of the greatest songs of all time.
no lyrics needed, just pure fucking awesomeness.

i told you this mix would be messy.

people are strange
when you're a stranger
faces look ugly
when you're alone

no i won't do it again, i don't want to pretend
if it can't be like before I've got to let it end

the killer in me is the killer in you
send this smile over to you